A gorgeously crystal-clear voice

The window shows a virgin landscape. She sees grass, fjords, the setting sun reclining only just above the horizon. Seated at the piano, enjoying this view, is where Furua came into existence.

With Furua, Soetkin Baptist tries to settle the subtle balance between the vulnerability of her lyrics, the playfulness of her arrangements and her vocal virtuosity. In symbiosis with the enthralling sounds of Marius Mannes’s cello, Furua engages the audience with a touching and entirely new repertoire.

Under the charming spell of Kate Bush’s voice, the vitality and presence of Bonnie Raitt and the delicate lyrics of Joni Mitchell, Soetkin Baptist for the first time takes the stage as a singer-songwriter.
She opens up her soul and obstinately decides for a new horizon. You are invited.

Furua was first introduced to a Belgian and Norwegian audience in 2015. France will due soon.

And now I am ready to leave. In spite of the snow my feet are warm. I feel the irresistible urge to produce sound. The plain expression of recognizable feelings and to let my voice ring is what I want. High and low. Loud and soft. In all honesty. This one thought gives me strength in the hope to reach your heart: distance does not exist."

The EP of FURUA is released! Order him now!

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